Duplicate a Campaign

Do you want to show the same campaign to multiple audiences with different triggers? Translate your top-performing campaign to a different language? Or maybe you want to recreate an old campaign with a few changes?

You can duplicate your Sleeknote campaigns with a few clicks in your Dashboard. 🎉

When you duplicate a campaign, the copy will be identical to the original campaign. This means that it’ll keep:

  • All the steps of the original campaign (form, teaser, success);
  • Domain and campaign position;
  • Desktop and mobile versions;
  • Every design element of the campaign;
  • All button links;
  • Input field attributes;
  • Targeting options and triggers;
  • And so on.


  • Duplicating a campaign will remove its existing tags.
  • When you duplicate a campaign, we won't automatically set it live. Once you make your changes, remember to schedule or activate your new campaign.

Here’s how you can duplicate a campaign:

  1. Visit your Sleeknote Dashboard and go to the “My Campaigns” tab.
  2. Find the campaign you want to duplicate and click the three dots (...)

3. Click “Duplicate” and your new campaign will shortly appear among your campaign list.

🤓 Hint #1: Want to use your new campaign on a different domain? Click “Edit” and change the domain in Step 1.

🤓 Hint #2: Want to rename your new campaign? Use the same step as above.