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Embedded Campaigns

With embedded campaigns, you can show your Sleeknote campaigns as an integrated part of your website by adding a single line of code to your website on the page where you want the campaign to display.

Creating an embedded campaign in our editor is just like setting up popups or slide-ins.

Click "Create a New Campaign" in your Sleeknote dashboard, enter your domain and campaign name, and move to the Template Selector step.

Here, you can filter templates by goal, use case, or seasonality, and select a template to load:

Note that SleekBar and Sidebar templates cannot be used in the embedded position. 

Once you select a template, continue to the Positions step. Here, choose "Embedded" and click "Continue":

Next, you can fully customize the design of your campaign to your liking by changing the colors, editing the text, adding more input fields, and so on.

To reach the best design possible, we recommend adjusting the “Preview Width” to the width of the element on your page where you plan on implementing the campaign. You do this by either typing in the width in pixels in the “Preview Width” box, or by pulling the resizing handles like this: 

When you’re satisfied with your desktop and mobile design, continue to the "Display Settings" step. Here you will get the line of code that you need to insert on your website. Click “Copy snippet” and open up your website backend in another tab.

Note that Page-Level Targeting and the Targeting Options still apply even though the campaign will show as an embedded part of your website, so you can still use the different options to target the right audience on your website (such as new visitors or existing subscribers.)

How to Add the Campaign to Your Site

Adding an embedded campaign to your site is easy, but the method changes depending on your CMS platform or website solution.

For example, if you're a Shopify user, you can edit your theme, add a Custom HTML block, and paste your campaign snippet into it:

Or, if you're using a WordPress editor, you can simply paste the campaign snippet into an HTML block, like this:

Remember that your Sleeknote tracking code also needs to be added to the website where you want to display your campaign (if it isn't already there).