HTML Element

The HTML element condition decides if your campaign should show or hide based on the HTML content of your pages.

With this condition, you can include or exclude your campaigns based on whether or not a certain HTML element is present on a page, as well as the element’s value.

🤓  Note: You can use both hidden and visible HTML elements with this condition.

HTML element is ideal for cases where you need even more customization options. 

For example, if your checkout flow contains multiple pages with the same URL, we can detect the HTML content of the page a visitor is on, and show different campaigns based on which step of the checkout process they’re in.

To add the HTML element condition to a campaign, go to the Display Settings step in your Campaign Builder.

Switch the “HTML Element” option on and decide whether your campaign should show or hide when an HTML element is present on the page your visitors are viewing.

Type the ID of an HTML element that exists on your page, say, “soldout”:

… or according to its value, based on the criteria you set up.