IP Address

With our IP Address condition, you can target visitors based on their devices’ IP addresses. This way, you can show or hide your campaigns from visitors that have the IP address you specified.

It’s perfect for targeting visitors from certain companies or institutions with relevant popups.

You can also use this condition to exclude your campaigns from your own company IP if you don’t want to distract your employees when they’re working on your website.

💭 Tip: If you exclude your own IP address from a campaign, naturally, you won’t be able to see it. If you want to see how your campaign looks, try launching it on a test page first, and add the IP condition once you’re happy with it. 😉

To use the IP address condition in a campaign, go to the Display Settings step in your Campaign Builder*.

Switch the “IP Address” option on and specify whether you want to show or hide your campaign for visitors with the following IP addresses.

Next, add the IP address you want to target in the 32-bit format (xxx.xx.xxx.xx). If you want to add multiple addresses, simply separate them with a comma.

Save your campaign and set it live as usual. All done. 🚀

🚨 Note: Mobile IP addresses are shared across multiple devices and users. If you target a mobile IP address, be aware that it might include visitors you haven’t intended to target.