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Media in Sleeknote Campaigns

Types of Media Allowed in Campaigns

Using images in different formats helps you design eye-catching campaigns that are consistent with your brand and website.

Currently, there are three types of media you can use in your Sleeknote campaigns: Image, GIF, and Background Image.

Let’s look at each in detail.

Image in Campaigns

To add an image to your campaign, simply drag the Image element from the right-hand menu and drop it onto where you want it to place it in your campaign.

Resize your image by moving the slider (or typing a value,) and change its alignment.

You can easily move your image around and change its placement by dragging it across your campaign.

You can make your images clickable by adding a link to them. This works great, for example, to send people to specific product pages.

Hint: Use the option “link to an email” to invite people to contact you.

⚠️ Note: The maximum file size for uploaded images is 2MB.

Free Image

Unlike regular images, you can place a free image (also known as floating image) anywhere in your campaigns. In other words, this type of media can float over your campaigns and outside of your containers.

Close buttons and GIFs are typical examples of free images.

To add a free image to your campaign, simply drag the Free Image element from the right-hand menu and drop it onto your campaign.

Now you can easily resize your image and place it anywhere in your campaign.

Just like regular images, you can also add a link to free images and make them clickable.

Feeling extra creative? Free images are ideal for experimenting with different shapes to create eye-catching campaigns.

Plus, they’re perfect for creating teasers that’ll stand out on your website.

🚨 Important: Free images only work on desktop campaigns. When you add a free image to your campaign, we’ll automatically hide it on mobile devices.

⚠️ Note: The maximum file size for animated images (GIFs) is 600KB. For non-animated images, you can upload files up to 2MB.

Background Image

Background images help you design eye-catching Sleeknote campaigns with a professional look.

You can add a background image to both individual containers and the form itself.

To add a background image to a container or a form, simply click the element and upload an image from your computer:

By using the image size options, custom, cover, and contain, you can get the exact design you want.

  • The custom option allows you to set the width of the image manually;
  • The cover option will automatically fill out the container with your image; and
  • The contain option will show the image within the container. 

No matter which option you choose, you can adjust the position of the image with the "Image Position" settings. Click the dots in the box to move the image around and use the arrows to fine-tune the position to get the placement right.

Note that the image will move around based on how its dimensions fit with the size of the container(s).

🤓 Hint: If you can’t see your background image after uploading it to the form, make sure that there’s no container with an image or color in front of it. Once you remove the container color, your background image will be visible.

📱Tip: To ensure your campaigns are easy-to-read on mobile devices, we recommend you also optimize the background image of your mobile campaigns.

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