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Mobile Teaser

What is a Mobile Teaser?

Similar to its desktop counterpart, a mobile teaser acts as a preview of your campaign before and after it’s shown to your visitors.

The teaser is especially important on mobile devices because, by default, your campaign will only show if a visitor clicks your mobile teaser. This ensures better user experience and keeps your popups compliant with Google’s interstitials policy.

Customize Your Mobile Teaser

To customize your mobile teaser, switch to the mobile tab in your campaign editor and move to the Teaser step.

Here you can update your teaser copy, background color and image, close button, margins and paddings, and make all the other style changes you need.

In this step, you can also change your teaser’s position on the page...

… as well as its distance from the edges:

Delay Mobile Teaser

If you don't immediately want to direct visitors' attention to your campaign on mobile, you can add a delay to your mobile teaser.

Simply type the number of seconds you want to delay your teaser on mobile devices, and you’re all set 🚀

🤓  Note: Sleeknote script loads asynchronously. This means that we wait until your website elements (HTML content, CSS, images, and so on) are fully loaded before running the Sleeknote script. If you set a delay for 10 seconds, we’ll start counting only after your website is loaded. So, in real-time, it might take more than 10 seconds before a visitor sees your teaser.

🤔  Good-to-Know: When you delay your mobile teaser, the setting will apply to all the pages your campaign is set to show. If a visitor waits 10 seconds before seeing your teaser on one page, they’ll wait another 10 seconds when they visit a different page, too.

Disable Mobile Teaser

If you want your triggers to work on mobile devices, you need to disable your mobile teaser.

Be aware that by disabling the mobile teaser, you might risk violating Google’s popup policy.

Although we don’t recommend you disable the mobile teaser, you can easily do that in our editor by selecting the checkbox “Disable Teaser”:

⚠️  Important: Exit-intent trigger isn’t supported on mobile, so make sure to choose another trigger for your campaign. Otherwise, it won’t show on mobile devices.

Looking for information about the desktop teaser? Check out this article.