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Pre-Defined Merge Tags

With pre-defined merge tags, you can insert dynamic merge tags in your campaigns’ text fields and show, for example, the current date or the visitor's country.

When you insert a merge tag into the campaign, it will be replaced with a dynamic value when your campaign shows to a visitor.

For example, when you choose the "Current Day" option, the merge tag {{day}} will be added to your campaign. But, when displayed to a visitor, it will be replaced with whatever day it currently is.

How to Use Pre-Defined Merge Tags

1. Select the text element that you want to add a pre-defined merge tag to.

2. When you select the text area, you’ll see a dropdown menu, where you can choose from the available merge tags.

3. Simply click the option you want to use, and the tag will be added to the text field:

4. When the campaign is live on your website, the value for your merge tag will show. For example, “Friday”:

Tip: You can use merge tags on all steps of your campaigns, including the form, the teaser, and the success step.

5. Finally, remember to choose the language you want the merge tag to display in:

Good to Know 🤔

  • The date format is based on the language you choose. (For example, 03-28-2021 or 28-03-2021.)
  • You can mix and match merge tags. (For example, “Today is {{day}} in the year {{year}}")
  • You can style your merge tags like any other text element.
  • If you want to use your SiteData variables as merge tags, you can select SiteData in the dropdown menu and replace [property] with your variable.

Date Formatting Cheat Sheet

Syntax Result
d 0...6
dd Su
ddd Sun
dddd Sunday
D 1...31
Do 1st...31st
DD 01...31
DDD 1...365
DDDo 1st...365th
DDDD 001...365
M 1...12 (Starting from January)
Mo 1st...12th
MM 01...12 (Starting from January)
MMMM January
YY 21
YYYY 2021


👩‍🍳 Need inspiration for using pre-defined merge tags? Check out this step-by-step recipe to learn how you can automate your product recommendations with merge tags.