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Raptor Product Recommendations

What is Raptor?

Raptor is a product recommendation engine powered by Artificial Intelligence.

By using the Raptor element in our Campaign Builder, you can add dynamic product recommendations to your Sleeknote campaigns.

🚨  Note: You need a Raptor account to use this feature.

How to Use Raptor Recommendations in Your Campaigns

  1. Log in to your Raptor account and hover over the Raptor eye in your top left corner and click “Settings” on the left sidebar.
  2. Go to “Website Personalization”.
  3. Click on any module on the list.
  4. Click on the documentation tab.
  5. Here you will find your CustomerID and API-KEY
  6. In your Sleeknote Campaign Builder, drag the Raptor element from the right side menu and drop it onto your campaign.

    7. Insert the API Key and the CustomerID you found in your Raptor account in step 5. 

    8. Choose a style to display your products in. Currently, there are two options available: "Slide" and "Card".

    🤓  Hint: In Slide view, your visitors can change between products with a sliding motion. In Card view, products switch with a card flip animation.

    9. Next, choose the recommendation logic in which your products will be displayed.

    Raptor offers four recommendation options you can choose from:

    • Personal Recommendations: Recommendations based on the visitor's browsing and purchasing behavior
    • Advanced: Specify freely which products to show based on module name and input parameters (click to read more)
    • Last Seen: Products last viewed by the visitor
    • Personalized Offers: Personal recommendations (based on the visitor's browsing and purchasing behavior) that are currently on sale

    10. Choose a currency for your product prices.

    You can choose between: Danish Krone, Euro, Great Britain Pound, Norwegian Krone, Swedish Krone, Canadian Dollars, New Zealand Dollars, Singapore Dollars, Australian Dollars, and US Dollar.

    11. Choose the number of products you want to recommend in your campaign.

    🤓  Hint: You can display between 3 to 10 products in one campaign.


    12. Update your call-to-action button, which will be displayed below your products.

    13. If you’re working with custom price fields (OriginalPrice and OnSale) in Raptor and you want to use them in the campaign, you can enable the “Custom price fields” option and type in the names of your custom fields.

    How to use the "Advanced" recommendation logic

    If none of the pre-defined recommendation logics fit with the products you want to show, you can choose products more freely by selecting the "Advanced" option. 

    With the Advanced logic option you can control which products to show by typing one of your Raptor "Module names" and then specify even more by adding input parameter(s) that narrow down the group of products within that module.

    Let's say I wanted to show the top viewed products within a specific brand - then I would type in the module name "GetTopViewedInBrands". You can find the module names under "Web Personalization" in your Raptor control panel - it's the parameters within the parenthesis you need to look for:

    Then I'd use the input parameter: "BrandId=xxx" (the input parameters available in Raptor will depend on the tracking you have set up - we recommend checkin out your Live Tracking Stream to get an overview) and add the name of the brand I wanted to recommend as the value. Make sure to hit enter or the comma key so it becomes a tag - here's an example where I want to show top viewed products from the lamp brand, Nordlux. 

    How to style the product carrousel

    After your product logic settings you'll find the styling options by scrolling down in the sidebar. Here you can style the product carrousel to make the element match the look and feel of your website.

    You can style the background and border options which will apply to the product card:

    You can style the drop shadow and the product text:

    With the button options you can give the button and the button text the look that you need. With the arrow options you can increase the size of the arrows and update the color so it stands out from the rest of the element. 

    Need some inspiration? Check these resources: