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Shopify Product Recommendations

If your store is running on Shopify, you can directly insert your products into Sleeknote campaigns and recommend them in your popups without any integration or third party tool.

You can use your existing product collections (i.e. your product categories) or, even better, create custom product collections and add them to your campaigns.

For example, you could create a collection of women’s shoes that are currently on sale and recommend them in a popup that shows on relevant pages.

Here’s how it works.

How to Use Shopify Recommendations in Your Campaigns

1. Log in to your Shopify store and click “Collections” under “Products” on the left-hand menu.

2. Click “Create collection” on this page and create a new custom product collection. If you don’t want to publish this new collection on your store, click “Manage” under “Collection availability”...

… and uncheck “Online Store.” Now your collection won’t show on your store, although you’ll still be able to use it in your campaigns.

3. Use the conditions to create a custom collection as you see fit. In this example, I’ll automatically create a collection for men’s shoes that cost less than 1000 kr. and are currently in stock.

🤓 Hint: When you create a collection, you can see a list of products that fulfill those criteria right below.

4. Once you’re happy with your collection, click “Save.” Now you need to get the URL of this collection and insert it into your campaign.

To find your collection URL, simply scroll down the page and click “Edit Website SEO.” This gives you the collection URL.

🚨Important: Before you use this URL in Sleeknote, you need to add /products.json to the end of it. So your new link should be in this format: YourDomain/collections/YourCollectionName/products.json

5. Now, head over to your Sleeknote account, and in your Campaign Builder, drag the Shopify element from the right side menu and drop it onto your campaign.

6. Insert the Shopify collection URL you copied earlier.

Now your Shopify collection feed will automatically load in this Sleeknote campaign.

7. Next, choose a style you want your products to be displayed in. Currently, there are two options available: "Slide" and "Card"

🤓 Hint: In Slide view, your visitors can change between products with a sliding motion. In Card view, products switch with a card flip animation.

8. Finally, select your currency and update your call-to-action button, which will be displayed below your products.

Need inspiration on how to use product recommendation popups? Check these resources: