SiteData is our advanced personalization option that allows you to show or hide your campaigns based on any visitor data you have on your site.

💡 You can use SiteData as a trigger, a targeting option, and in your merge tags.

It’s ideal for preventing cart abandonment and upselling in your store. With SiteData, you can show personalized campaigns to different visitors based on their cart items, basket value, search queries, operating system, browser language, and much more.

For SiteData to work, you need to set up a trigger in your tag management system (such as Google Tag Manager) that fires a tag based on your variables. That tag sends your data to our SiteData storage, and we show or hide your campaigns based on that information.

🚨  Note: The data is session-based and is deleted from our SiteData storage when a visitor’s session ends.

For example, if you want to show a Sleeknote campaign to visitors with a basket value over 500 kr, enter your GTM variable that refers to “basket value” and the value (500 kr) it should be greater than. Now we can show your campaign only when a visitor adds more than 500 kr worth of items to their shopping cart.

For this to work, you need to send the data to our SiteData storage. Here’s how to set that up.

Send Data to Sitedata

You can send data to sitedata directly or through Google Tag Manager. Go to this page to learn more about each setup.

The next step is to set up SiteData as a trigger or targeting option in your Sleeknote campaigns.

How to Set Up the SiteData Targeting Option

To use SiteData as a targeting option (defining who should see your campaign), go to the Display Settings step of your Campaign Builder.

Switch the “SiteData” option on, enter the name of your GTM variable, and set the rules to decide when your campaign should show or hide. 

In our example, the variable is “TotalBasketValue” and it should show to visitors with over 500 kr in their carts.

Now, our campaign will only show to people who have over 500 kr. in their carts.

How to Set Up the SiteData Trigger

To use SiteData as a trigger (deciding when to show your campaign), go to the Triggers step of your Campaign Builder.

Switch the "SiteData Trigger" on, enter the name of your GTM variable, and set the rules to decide when to trigger your campaign.

If we use the same variable from the above example as a trigger, our campaign will now show the moment a visitor's basket value exceeds 500 kr.

You can use this trigger to show your campaign right after a visitor adds an item to their cart, watches 50% of a video, views three products from a category, and so on.

How to Use SiteData Merge Tags

In addition to the trigger and targeting option, the data you send to SiteData can also be used as merge tags to personalize your campaign copy and to send custom data to your ESP.

Read this guide to learn how to use SiteData merge tags.

Need inspiration on how to use SiteData? Check out these resources: