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What is SleekBar?

SleekBar is one of our signature campaign types, along with slide-ins and popups. SleekBars are typically placed on top or bottom of pages and they allow visitors to see your campaigns without hurting the browsing experience.


SleekBar is compatible with all four campaign types and works both on desktop and mobile. It’s ideal for announcing sales with a countdown timer, providing shipping information, or making service announcements—without taking up much screen space.

How to Create a SleekBar

Once you enter your domain and name your campaign, and choose a campaign type, we’ll ask you to select a template.

Here, you can select a goal for your campaign...

... and then select the SleekBar position on the left-hand menu to filter only relevant templates.


Click "Continue" and choose between the top and bottom positions for your SleekBar.

Now you can start designing your SleekBar. 👩‍🎨

SleekBars have two different display options. If you want to push your website content below a SleekBar, simply check off this box in the Design step:

This means that your SleekBar will sit on the very top of your website and won’t cover your content.

If you don’t select the push option, your SleekBar will overlay some of your website content.

How is SleekBar different?

SleekBar has certain features that are different from other campaign types. For example, a SleekBar doesn’t have a teaser or any triggers. This means that your SleekBar will immediately show to your visitors.

Even though a SleekBar doesn’t have a teaser, SleekBars that contain an email field (Collect Email Addresses and Connect With Visitors) have the mobile toggler feature. The mobile toggler gives visitors the option to collapse or expand your SleekBar on mobile to ensure a better user experience.