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SMS element

With our SMS consent element, you can collect phone numbers for SMS marketing in a multistep campaign.

By using this element, you can make sure that you’re collecting consent in a GDPR-compliant way, so you can safely perform your SMS marketing efforts.

How do I add an SMS element to my campaign? 

The SMS consent element is available in all multistep campaigns.

After collecting emails on Step 1, you can ask for phone numbers on the following step by dragging the SMS element from the "Add Elements" menu: 

How is the SMS element GDPR compliant? 

To ensure you are GDPR compliant, our SMS element consists of a phone input field and a compliance consent text you can customize with your own links.

We also make sure that your SMS element can’t be added to a form step where you’re collecting email addresses at the same time, since you need a dedicated form step for each to stay compliant.

How to select a default country code

With the SMS consent element, you have the option to choose which country code should be shown as default for your visitors. You can choose any country you prefer from the dropdown menu to make it easier for your visitors to sign up. 

Tip: If you’re using Drip as your ESP, you can use our customized Drip configuration. This way, you will only show the country codes that are supported by Drip's SMS marketing, and your SMS field will automatically be mapped to your SMS field in Drip in the integration step.