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With our gamification feature, spin-to-win, you can add a wheel of fortune to your “Collect Email Addresses” or “Connect With Visitors” campaigns and give your visitors the chance to take the wheel for a spin to win a prize.

To get started, you can select our blank spin-to-win template…

...or drag the spin-to-win element onto a campaign from the “Add Elements” menu.

Important: Remember to add the merge tag {{siteData:rewardCode}} to your Success Step to reveal your discount code.

You can customize the wheel to match the look of your website, adjust the probability of winning, and reveal the discount code automatically in the next step.

To customize the design of the wheel, you can use the “Wheel Styles” option in the menu on the right. 

To adjust the options and the probability to win each one of them, go to “Edit Options” (Remember to update the discount codes with your own codes 👀.)

Finally, make sure that the option your visitors land on is added to the Success Step. To do that, simply use the merge tag {{siteData:rewardCode}} in your copy.

If you want to pass a visitor's discount code along with their email addresses to your email marketing tool, move to the Integration step.

Enable "Want to send custom data?" and use the same SiteData variable as above
{{siteData:rewardCode}} to send the subscriber's discount code and map it to a field in your email marketing system.