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Success Step

What is the Success Step?

The success step is the last step of your Sleeknote campaigns. 

As the name suggests, it helps you inform visitors that their interaction with your campaign (be it newsletter signup, contact form submission, or clicking your call-to-action button) has been successful.

Although it’s typically used after form submissions, all types of campaigns (including the SleekBar) can have a success step.

With the success step, you can tell your new leads what to do next and guide them in the right direction.

💡A few ideas:

  • If you have a double opt-in, ask your new signups to confirm their subscription.
  • If you promise a discount code in exchange for a newsletter subscription, show the discount code in your success step.
  • Send visitors back to a product category page (such as new arrivals or bestsellers) after form completion.

How to Customize Your Success Step

You can enable or disable the success step with one click and easily customize it to match the rest of your campaign steps.

Go to the Success step in your editor and customize the background image, color, fonts, campaign copy, and buttons as you wish: