How does the free trial work?

Getting started with your 7-day free trial is fast and easy and we require nothing in return but your e-mail address, which will be used for creating your account.



Type in your details, and you're all set!

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Important notes

  • We do not require a credit card during your free trial so you don’t have to cancel anything if you don’t want to continue
  • We will send you an e-mail before your trial expires
  • If you wish to continue using Sleeknote, after your trial expires, you can choose one of our five pricing plans and pay by credit card inside the dashboard. You are then upgraded to a paying account instantly
  • Your trial account will become your permanent account which means that all of your campaigns, your data and your actions will remain intact
  • If you decide not to subscribe at the end of your free trial, all your campaigns will be disabled. They will, however, remain in your account in case you wish to subscribe at a later time