How can I send an automated welcome email/series to my Sleeknote signups in Mailchimp?

If you want to welcome new Sleeknote signups to your email list, you can set up a simple automation in your Mailchimp account that only sends to contacts who signed up through a Sleeknote campaign.

Watch this video to send an automated welcome email to your Sleeknote signups in Mailchimp or follow the steps below.

How to Set up a Welcome Email/Series in Mailchimp

  1. First, you need to create a new custom text field in MailChimp to identify where your signups are coming from, e.g. a field called "Signup Source". (Read how to create a new custom field in Mailchimp).
  2. Log into your Sleeknote account, and find the Sleeknote campaign you use to collect email addresses. (If you have more than one, you will need to follow steps 3-7 for all of them.)
  3. Go to the integration step, where you’ve set up your Mailchimp integration. (If you haven’t set up your integration yet, see this guide.)
  4. Scroll down to “Map Additional Data” and check the box that says “Want to send custom data?”:

5. Write your identifier value in the input field to the left. It’s up to you what you call this, but make sure it’s something that tells you where these signups come from. (In this case, we would call it Sleeknote.)

6. Then select your new field from the dropdown to the right (you might have to click “Refresh fields” to update the dropdown with your new field).

7. Save your integration, and save your Sleeknote campaign. Now, all new signups from this Sleeknote campaign will get this data transferred with them to Mailchimp.

8. Log into your Mailchimp account and click “Automations” in the menu to the left:

9. From the “Create” dropdown, choose “Customer Journey”:

10. Give your new automation a name (e.g. Welcome Series), and click “Start Building”.

11. Click the “Choose your starting point” button, and select “Signs Up”.

12. Then you need to set a filter, so only signups from your Sleeknote campaigns will enter this automation. (If you want all signups from other sources to enter this welcome flow, you can skip steps 12-13.) Click “Get more specific about who can enter this map”:

13. Choose “Contacts from a custom segment”, and then in the dropdown, select your newly created field. (In this case, we used Signup Source.) Choose “is” in the next dropdown and write your identifier value in the text field. (In this case, we used Sleeknote.) It’s important that you write the identifier value exactly the same as you did in your Sleeknote integration, as Mailchimp differentiates between capital and non-capital letters. Save your starting point:

14. Now you can start building your email (series) by dragging elements from the left menu into your automation:

15. When you’re finished building your automation, and you’ve added content to all your emails, you can turn on your welcome series in the top right corner. Remember to activate your Sleeknote campaign too, if you haven’t already done that.

Now, every contact that signs up to your list via Sleeknote, will receive your welcome series.