Why can’t I see my leads in my ESP?

When you set up an integration with your email service provider (ESP,) we’ll automatically send your new leads to your ESP.

If you can’t see your leads in your system, there might be an issue with your integration setup.
  • If your integration is failing, your API key might have expired. Follow our guides on ESP integrations and reconnect your API key.
  • Next, visit the mapping step of your integration setup to make sure that your new leads are being sent to the correct list.
  • Check if the required fields in your ESP are marked and mapped as required in your campaigns.
  • If you have double opt-in enabled, your lead won’t be added to your email list, before they confirm their subscription.
  • Make sure you follow the same settings in your Sleeknote setup and your ESP. For example, if you have “Send Welcome Email” or “Mark as Opted-in for GDPR” enabled in Sleeknote, it should be the same in your ESP, too.
  • Some ESPs, such as Mailchimp, don’t allow duplicates. If your lead is currently in your list (or was earlier,) they won’t be added to your list again.

If following the steps above doesn’t solve your problem, reach out to us at mail@sleeknote.com and we’ll look into the issue. 🤓

💡 Reminder: Even if your integration fails, you won’t lose your lead data. You can easily download your new signups as a CSV file (for up to three months.)