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What is Z-Index?

Z-index is an advanced setting that helps you specify the stack order of your campaign and teaser, both on desktop and mobile.

By setting up a custom value for your z-index property, you can decide whether your campaign should be in front of or behind certain HTML elements on your website.

It’s useful for ensuring that your campaigns don’t stay behind a cookie banner, live chat, or a menu bar.

How to Specify Z-Indexes

Once you design your campaign, set up your targeting options and integration, move to the last step of your Campaign Builder.

You’ll find the Z-index setting in this last step, called Final Setup. Click “Show more options” to expand the menu:

Here you can assign a custom z-index value to your campaign and your teaser, separately for desktop and mobile devices.

The element with the highest z-index will show in front of the others.